From the Veggie Garden Today

A look at today's harvest. We dug up one potato plant to see what was going on underground. Looks like they could use a little more time but they're doing good. Also harvested the last of our radishes for the year. Our broccoli plants are starting to put off a few florets on the stems so we cut a few of those off. None of those will make it far... probably just a quick cut, rinse, and eat on all those. A few more pickling cucumbers that just got sliced up and put into a bowl of buttermilk. That'll probably be my dinner tonight.

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How rewarding! Looks good šŸ‘
Another good haul today. We're about to have squash running out of our ears here. šŸ˜‚ Quite a few more cucumbers too. Probably making pickles tomorrow or Tuesday. Can't wait for the okra to really get going. I'm about ready for some fresh fried okra or some gumbo with a heavy dose of it.

It is the single most rewarding veggie I grow in my garden...the taste rewards are simply spectacular.

Is it easy? I would say it is moderately easy, but not easy.

1) It requires some space for the wind pollination. Multiple rows facing each other. Four rows are better than three. Two is not enough, generally. The rows can be short but multiple. Square foot is sometimes recommended but I prefer rows. I'm experimenting this year with growing some in a container...facing each other. More on that later.

2) The corn ear worm can be a problem...almost always is a problem unless treated. I have my own methods but some preventive action is required.

3) One of the keys to success is achieving germination simultaneously or close to it. This is important because you want each stalk pollinating at as close to the same time as possible. There are several tricks you can use to achieve this...more on that later.
Inspired by @YumYum , I checked my HK container of carrots and found some nice ones. I left a couple dozen in just to see what they will do. The remarkable thing about this is that's it is June 10 and I still have fresh carrots here...that is unprecedented.

They look great. What variety of carrot is that? I grew Danvers this year. I like my carrots like I like my women, short and fat.
Corn and beans together are often considered the complete or perfect protein.

Complete proteins are those containing all nine essential amino acids. Corn and beans, individually, are incomplete protein sources. Corn is low in lysine but high in methionine, while beans are rich in lysine but low in methionine.

When consumed together, they complement each otherā€™s amino acid profile, creating what some consider the complete protein. When both come from the home garden and consumed together, that is what I call perfect protein.

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Here's a look at today's harvest. Just a few squash. They're starting to slow down now cause of the heat, I guess, but I'm betting on us getting at least another few bags I to the freezer before they're completely done.

Also, a lot of cucumbers. We'll be making pickles again Monday. We're getting around 10, or so, a day right now and a few plants we put in late haven't even started producing yet.

Also dug up a potato plant so we could have some mashed potatoes with our steaks tomorrow for father's day.