I found another casualty of the recent storms unfortunately...a good sized oak tree completely twisted and thrown into a fence. Imagine what kind of force it takes to do this. Nature has been cruel to our trees this year taking out about 10 mature trees...and this one required three days of effort to remove from fence and repair fence damage.

twisted tree.JPG
We had just enough rain to wet the pavement yesterday, and the sky spat the odd drop at me. They are promising 'light rain' tomorrow, not what I want, I want it bouncing a foot off the pavement, I am squeezing the last few drops out of my water butts so I have room for something like 900 litres. Praying for rain, everything is bone dry. If there is none over the weekend I shall be getting out the rhino hide, stripping, smothering myself in lard, and doing the rain dance.
Just the threat of lard and rhino hide worked, raining on and off since this morning. I haven't really had the chance to get out there, so I am not sure how much it just got sucked up, it was bone dry. It wasn't heavy, but there was enough it must have made a bit of difference. I can get some more planting out done.