Rose of Sharon

It is gorgeous as well as tough as old boots. Hibiscus syriacus ;)
It needs to be around here. That one survived a straight line wind that split it down to the ground I splinted it up with rebar in the ground and bound it together. Its been maybe 4 years and has recovered nicely. But I cannot get the rebar out. Might just cut it.
I lost a fovorite Fuyu persimmon in that same wind and have not had much luck with replacement but I only tried once and we had a record freeze when it was too young. They are grafted as I understand. Any tips for acidic clay fuyu would be appreciated. Nothing like picking up leaves in the fall and stopping by the Fuyu for a snack. Plus it could be called a halloween tree if you like that holiday since it has no leaves and only orange fruits at that time.
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Good to see you have been reading my least some of them
What on earth do you mean Meadowlark - why would I be reading your replies I wonder :unsure:and anyway, even if I did, I probably wouldn't be able to remember them at my age - would I.
It is gorgeous as well as tough as old boots. Hibiscus syriacus
Yeah I thought they were indestructible too - like it would be down to cockroaches, rose-of-sharons, and Keith Richards after an apocalypse - until I watched a fungus go though and kill all of them in my neighborhood one summer. I had one about 2 meters tall and full of flowers then it just started falling apart and the base was spongy and like a wet rotted wood.