Hello all

I noticed you were having some trouble with blue hydrangeas loosing their blue color suddenly. One cause of that can be too much water in too short a time. My white oak leaf hydrangea has lost all color this year due to too much rainfall.
Funny, I noticed too - and have been waiting for the question here. I can tell our new friend that any hydrangea blue or pink or white will grow in any soil. All hydrangeas prefer plenty of water and shady conditions, as long as the water can drain away (excessive rain as Meadowlark has had will wash a lot of nutrients out too.)
Blue hydrangeas will never stay blue unless the soil they are growing in is acid. In limy soil the colour will change to pink. Adding anything to the soil will ultimately not change the colour. Planted in clay soil these plants are unhappy unless plenty of drainage is added. Nutrients will simply dry up unless the soil can breathe - then the flower colour will pale, and the plant will eventually die.
Clay soil will flood badly with excessive rainfall, and crack up like lumps of concrete when it is hot and dry.

I only recently found some oak leaf hydrangea, and have found them to be much tougher!

So @Jersey Devil - where are the tons of questions then? :giggle:
More info as requested : "It all started when I was born... I was the child of .. " LOL Ok seriously I am 73 yrs old man, retired, and living in NJ, USA. Zone 6A I have been gardening since my retirement and consider myself to be (and to always be) a novice. I was quite proficient in my field when I was working but thank goodness I was not a professional gardener otherwise I would have starved to death. I mostly started with annuals but am now trying to concentrate on perennials, hence the hydrangea. Thanks for all the input and interest TYVM